Loved by locals, Thai Spice has delightful dishes for every taste -- from the popular creamy red curry panang chicken and hearty coconut milk soup to hot Thai pancakes and mild chicken satay with freshly made peanut sauce to its spicy sea bass and grilled pawns to the healthy, zippy green papaya salad and colorfully-carved pumpkin curry. For dessert, don't forget the fresh, luscious mango and sweet, warm sticky rice!

 Always greeted by staff with a passion for A+ customer service, your dining experience will involve plenty of genuinely warm smiles and attention from every server, as this charming restaurant, with a world-class menu, makes you feel they truly appreciate your business, in a very down-home way."

Enjoy the exotic flavors of Thailand and generous portions of fresh delicious fare in a relaxed atmosphere. Favorites are fresh mango chicken, hot spicy asparagus and coconut milk soup.The menu is extensive and features another speciality - rich, creamy curry.



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